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​​​Thomas Deegan is a very well respected and highly educated expert in the Dallas fitness industry with over 25 years of experience and above standard performance as an elite trainer and strength coach with abilities to lead, coach and educate, unmatched by anyone. Tom is currently certified NSCA-CSCS and NASM-CPT. Tom is currently focusing on building his personal training business at Hidden Gym in Allen Texas.
     Thomas developed his incredible abilities and talents during his undergraduate studies, as a collegiate athlete and later as a Head Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator at Northern Illinois University. During his last semester as an undergraduate majoring in exercise science, Thomas met with Department Chairs of the College of Education, Administrators of the Athletic Department at NIU and the Head Strength Coach. Together they created the first ever strength and conditioning internship for students earning a degree in exercise science and kinesiology. Before his successful completion of the internship, Thomas showed the skills and dedication necessary to earn the position of Head Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator in the summer of 1995. Upon hiring Thomas earned his certification from the National Strength & Conditioning Association with the Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, which is considered one of the premier certifications available. Thomas designed and implemented strength programs for all 15 team sports and was the Head Assistant for all football conditioning programs. He mentored a graduate assistant, two student volunteers and coached nearly 400 athletes every week during his time as Head Assistant. In 1995 NIU earned the All-Sport Award in their respective conference for winning most first place finishes among all team sports, and the physical strength and dominant performance of all of the athletes was obvious. During the spring of 1996 Thomas became the Interim Head Strength & Conditioning Coordinator managing and coaching spring football conditioning as well as maintaining all other team sport responsibilities with excellent performance.
     Thomas experienced working in several fitness facilities earning well deserved respect among his peers and clients as one of the top, most talented trainers in Dallas. In 2001 he landed a position with Busy Body Inc. as the Dallas Region Head Personal Trainer. In this position, Thomas educated customers and trained clients through 5 Dallas area stores and reported back to headquarters on the Total Fitness Solutions campaign. In 2003 Thomas completed the CHEK scientific back training and scientific core training certifications, and later that year he visited the CHEK institute in San Diego and completed the Golf Biomechanics certification. In 2006 Thomas completed the Greg Roskopf MAT program which consisted of over 180 contact hours in a 10 month program in eight 3-day intensive weekends. The MAT Internship is comprised of four units; Lower Body, Upper Body, Trunk & Spine, and Cervical Spine and accessory muscles and integration.
     Thomas is now owner and operator of his own private training company which also specializes in design and creation of private training studios for homes and offices. Tom spends countless hours continuing his education and operating his business successfully, while being a husband and father to 3 precious children.

     Throughout his career Tom has earned the experience, respect, knowledge, and reputation, required to be successful in all aspects of the fitness industry. Including but not limited to, facility design, renovation, construction, and implementation program design for athletes, small groups, individuals, and corporate executives. His incredible understanding of the human body, leadership qualities and excellent ability to coach are unmatched by anyone in his field. He has maintained relationships with several clients and associates for more than 18 years, including highly respected corporate executives and foreign royalty.