Tom completely changed my life. He helped me overcome years of bad strength training habits and taught me invaluable training lessons. The positive outcomes positively impacted my health by increasing my strength, significantly reducing my body fat percentage and teaching me about better nutrition.  I have been training with Tom since 2001. Throughout that time, he has stayed in front of training evolution and been on top of important new exercise physiology developments and how to implement them. His clients get the benefit of his passion and thirst for the best ways to improve the health of his clients.  Last but not least, Tom’s pricing is beyond reasonable for today’s market. This is a professional and not your average personal trainer. I highly recommend Tom Deegan.

I found Tom about 3 years ago when I discovered that I needed to have double knee replacement surgery following an extended walking tour of Israel. I knew I was facing a serious operation as well as long recovery time. I was looking for someone with some knowledge and experience in the area of rehab from something like that. Tom had that kind of training and experience and had done some work in that area. We worked together for about 3 months before the surgery to strengthen the muscles in my legs and hips to try to make things go a little easier after surgery. He thought all our work would make things go much easier for me, and it actually went incredibly well. During the hospital stay and rehab period, I was told by my rehabilitation therapists I was able to accomplish much more than the average knee surgery patient. I was even interviewed by several resident doctors about why my recovery went so well, and my time in rehab was shortened by several days. After residential rehab, I continued to work with Tom to strengthen and mobilize my knees and improve my overall strength. We have actually worked together continuously for over 3 years now. We've broadened our efforts to include full body strength and endurance, I have improved my diet and managed to lose some weight. I feel that I can now do pretty much anything I want to do, given my age, and I am much stronger and fit than before I had the knee surgery. Friends tell me I look great, some even think I've had some kind of "work" done, which I haven't! I believe Tom is much more knowledgeable and experienced than the average trainer, and I appreciated how seriously he takes his job to help me get healthy.

I take my personal training clients and their goals very seriously. I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on continuing my education for the past 20 years to separate myself from the rest of the fitness industry and give high quality in home personal training services.  Here are a few examples of some happy customers.




I've worked with many top personal trainers in the last 20 years and Tom ranks at the top of the list. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and he's also a caring family man. He invests significant time and attention in each client, sharing not only proper form and functional movement, but also nutrition approaches tailored for each client. You will see results! I highly recommend working with Tom!(owner)
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I have known Tom a long time. He is dedicated to Health and all its aspects. He doesnt use custom fads or the latest gmick for training, nutrition or lifestyle, He uses what works and understands it to the smallest detail why it works.

Tom has been a positive influence in my life as a trainer, motivater, and friend. I have made massive gains in strength and a huge reduction in weight over the past several years.

"I have worked with Tom for the last five years. He has been essential in the expansion and updating of our home gym. He's more knowledgeable than any trainer I've ever worked with. He's easy to work with while pushing me to get the most of my workouts. I highly recommend him!"

“I have known Tom Deegan for over 10 years now and very glad to. As well as becoming friends in the process, I have earned a wealth of knowledge. Tom is a driven, no-corners-cut guy who is motivated like no other. He is very educated from a formal standpoint and a real-world application to implement programs that work. In any direction. Whether he helps you prepare for Mr. Olympia, the local 5K or rehabilitation he is absolutely detailed in what he works on or plays at. I would recommend Tom for an ally in business, training, competing to make it happen with a plan and action.”

"I am fifty years old,  I have known Tom for 4 years and he has been my personal trainer for that entire time. He also has trained two other members of my family (ages 20 and 43) during part of that time. I think Tom is everything you would want in a personal trainer. My son and wife both like working with him and I think he is helping all three of us tremendously. The three of us are probably a hard to please bunch and I think the fact we all like working with him says a lot about him as a trainer and a person. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone interested in a no nonsense, individualized personal trainer who is also very likeable and easy to work with."